Surviving Your Daughter’s Sleepover And Still Being A Likeable Mom

Surviving your daughter’s sleepover can be quite the feat, as any mother who has ever tried to do so would tell you.  It is especially difficult to survive a sleepover without losing your patience or your rest.  But I can help you out with this.  We have had our share of sleepovers over the last few years and I have found some great little tricks for surviving the sleepover without becoming the Mean Mommy.

Don’t take on more than you can handle.  Decide how many giggling little girls you can handle and tell your daughter the number.  She can take it from there and decide who she would like to invite.

Provide entertainment.  If you are expecting little girls to entertain themselves, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Have some activities planned.  For example, my daughter is having a sleepover tomorrow night and one of our planned activities is to decorate cupcakes.  Now, I know that making cupcakes would be better handled alone but I will have all kinds of goodies for the girls to frost and decorate with.  If I am lucky, this may buy me a whole half hour tomorrow evening.

Have lots of kid friendly food in the house for your daughter’s sleepover.  You are going to have some whiny little girls if you expect them to smile and eat broccoli and salmon.  While that may work on your own child, allow for a splurge on sleepover nights.  Pizza is always a hit.

Have a lights out time set and talk to the girls about it.  You can tell them you are all going to have lots of fun together but that at the set time, you expect them to lie down.  I usually pop a movie in and check on them periodically.  Eventually, sleep will win out.

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