Sugar-Free Valentine Fun for Your Sweet Little Valentine’s Kids

Your kids are probably going to be on sugar overload come Friday afternoon thanks in large part to the Valentine celebrations in their respective classrooms. If you don’t mind a child with a sugar high, then it’s no problem. However, if you’re already dreading the effects of too many chocolate candies and Valentine hearts on your little ones, you might want to reconsider how you celebrate with your little Valentine. There are a few ways you can make their day special without sending them into a sugar coma (or you can “forget” to mention that Friday is Valentine’s Day when your parents call to ask if your kids can come over for a sleepover on Friday night after school so they have to deal with the sugar ramifications…oops.).

Love Notes

Spend the week making your little Valentine feel special by writing love notes to stick in his or her lunch box. These sweet little notes will do wonders to make your little ones feel loved and cherished during this special week.


Work with your kids this week to make Valentine decorations you can hang up at home. Get some pink and red and white construction paper and cut out hearts. Glue glitter, use stickers and just make a big old mess together. It’s a fun way to bond with your kids and let them do something to celebrate the holiday while also spending some quality time with you.

Sugar Up the Other Kids

Make your kids Valentine week fun by taking them shopping to pick out Valentine presents for their classmates and teachers. Let them choose things that they want to give their friends such as cards or little treats they can take home with them to enjoy over the weekend. Surely the other parents are thinking up ways to sugar your children on Friday, so why not return the favor and make it a fun family affair?

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