Stopping Solicitors When Your Baby Is Asleep

The one thing that makes a mom panic more than anything on earth is the sound of the doorbell ringing during baby’s naptime. Your eyes go wide, your mouth sets in a firm line and your brain automatically goes into, “I am positive that I will kill whoever is standing at my door right now, I’m not even kidding for a second,” mode (unless it’s the delivery guy with your new wine club shipment; for him you will make an exception). You realize that no one knows it’s naptime – or exactly what hell you will face if your baby wakes up only 20 minutes into her nap and unwilling to go back to sleep – but you still hope an alligator is hanging out under your bistro table getting ready to attack the unfortunate sole who had the bad luck to ring your bell. If you want to get rid of solicitors, try these tips.

Be Sweet

Place a nice note on your door stating that you are not interested in anything anyone has to offer. State that this applies to any and everyone excluding delivery people (because if you didn’t want it, you wouldn’t have ordered it, right?). Ask that those who want to get in touch with you to send you a text message or call you, and if those people don’t have your number, they can leave you a note.

Be Aggressive

Place a sign in your yard telling solicitors they are unwelcome at any cost. If you are comfortable advertising you have a baby, you can place a sign in your yard informing solicitors that their presence will cause the dogs to bark and wake the baby or you can place a sign that states you have dogs who will attack anyone who comes onto your property (even if you don’t).

What To Do When They Don’t Listen

Some people will abide by your signs and your requests, and others will not. If you have to deal with someone who you believe simply cannot read your notes, do it as nicely and as firmly as possible. Answer the door and do not allow them to speak. Tell them you are not interested and will never be interested and inform them that the next time they disregard your wishes for no soliciting, you will call the police. Regardless whether or not the police will do anything to stop their behavior, you might scare these solicitors enough to keep them away for good.


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