Stop Bullying Now: Information Parents Must Have

Bullying is awful. Kids who bully need to learn and parents who bully need to learn even more. Parents who teach their kids to bully by example and then allow them to get away with not taking responsibility for their actions need serious help.. There’s no reason that bullying should be something we toleration. More to the point; there’s no reason bullying should exist.

If you teach your kids the art of tolerance, good manners and kindness to others now, we can put an end to the bullying behaviors that forever affect the lives of children. Let’s all agree to make the effort to stand against bullying by taking note of just a few things.

Your Kid Might be a Bully

Perhaps you think your kid is perfect (don’t we all?). However, realistically, all kids are kids and most of them are very susceptible to adhering to the behavior of other children simply because they want to fit in. Let’s put a stop to this by accepting that kids are sometimes cruel, even if they don’t understand that it’s bullying. Talk to your kids about being unkind to others. Teach them to consider whether or not their words or actions would hurt their own feelings. If so, they’re probably going to hurt the feelings of others.

Bullying is Not Always Obvious

The internet and text messaging make bullying a lot more private than ever before. You might not even know there’s a problem because a bully might seem like a super sweet kid in real life, but behind the protection of her computer she might be a horrible bully. Parents – monitor your kids’ internet usage. Keep the computer in a public space. Don’t allow children to use social media. Don’t allow them to text. Don’t allow young kids their own phones. Be vigilant.

Hold Kids Accountable

If your child is a bully, hold her accountable. Don’t make excuses. Make her take responsibility and learn from her mistakes. Don’t let your kid ruin someone else’s life and don’t let your kid suffer from the poor behavior of others.


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