Stop Being A Screamer And Have A Better Relationship With Your Kids

Although none of us like to admit it, most of us have had times as a parent where we became a screamer.  Maybe we stepped on the Legos one too many times or our child absolutely refused to do what they were told after you patiently told them sixty seven times.  Whatever it was, something was just the last straw causing you to loose your patience and be a screamer.  We know we shouldn’t raise our voices at our children which is probably why we always feel so terrible afterwards.

The good news is that there are options you can use when you feel the temptation to be a screamer creeping upon you.  Take a time out to get yourself under control.  We give our children a time out to help them have time to think about their behavior and if it is the correct choice.  It can accomplish the same thing for us if we will allow it to.  Take time to get yourself under control and consider how your anger might hurt your children before you deal with them again.

When you are tempted to be a screamer, choose to whisper instead.  This is an option for you that allows you to change the tone of your voice which will signal to your children that something is up with mom while not loosing your temper with them.  Sometimes when you whisper, it will make your children have to listen even closer to hear you and pay more attention.  Just because you whisper does not mean that your tone must be overly gentle; is very possible to be firm when you are whispering.

If you do loose your cool and become a screamer, make sure that you take time to talk to your children and apologize.  It is important that they know that parents make mistakes, too.

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