How Do you Stop Your Baby from Taking Off Their Diaper?


It’s not a problem I’ve ever experienced firsthand, but I’ve seen it on several occasions with friends and family. Not all babies like to wear diapers (come on, like you like to stay dressed all the time, right?) all the time. It happens. Sometimes being free is more comfortable (especially when it’s hot) but it’s certainly not best for the carpeting – if you catch my drift. So what’s a parent to do when their baby does not want to wear a diaper and manages to get it off more often than not? I don’t know; I’ve never dealt with it. However, I’ve taken the liberty to poll some moms, dads and families on how they manage to rectify this situation when it occurs, and the answers are actually pretty good ones. So, if your baby is a naked baby and you’re tired of cleaning up that mess, let me share with you what I’ve learned about handling this little situation (no pun intended).

Put Baby in a Sleeper

Here’s the most creative and effective way to keep the diapers on the baby; put the baby in a sleeper. So long as your baby can’t figure out how to undo the buttons or zipper on a sleeper, you’re okay. If your baby can do this, get the kind without feet in them and put it on the baby backward. Without access to buttons or zippers to remove his or her clothing, your baby will not be able to get the sleeper off and remove his or her diaper. Genius, I tell you.

Put the Baby in Onesies

Since most babies aren’t entirely certain how to button and unbutton things, a onesie should work just fine for keeping the diaper on the baby at all times. Instead of a tee shirt and shorts, put on a onesie and shorts so that the baby has to figure out how to undo the button snaps that keep it together. Most babies will not be able to figure this out and you won’t have to worry about any streakers.

Use Duct Tape

It does work, but it’s one of those things parents use as an absolute last resort, such as when the baby has on a swimming diaper in the pool and wants to take it off. This is something you need to be very careful with, as putting duct tape on too tight can cause your child to have some serious health issues. But putting it on too loosely can cause your child to get it off and you lose your battle.

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