Four Great Ways To Stay On Your Pediatrician’s Good Side

Let’s face it; our pediatrician is very important to us because they take care of our children.  We need them.  Because of this, it is important to try to have a good relationship with your pediatrician.  What are some things that you can do to stay on your pediatrician’s good side?

Communicating clearly is a great way to stay on your pediatrician’s good side.  Although they are the doctor, it is very helpful to a pediatrician if they have a parent that can give them precise information about their child.  Saying that little Susie seems to feel bad is much less helpful than a direct statement that little Susie won’t eat and has been holding their ear.  The more detailed the information that you can give to your pediatrician, the better they can treat your child.

Giving your child the prescribed medication for the prescribed amount of time will help you stay on your pediatrician’s good side.  It is really embarrassing for you and really frustrating for your child’s pediatrician when you end up back in the office because you didn’t finish an antibiotic they prescribed.

Pay attention when your pediatrician is in the room.  Using your cell phone or being distracted by other means is very rude.  Your pediatrician will not take kindly to you being a distracted parent.  They have valuable information to share with you about your child and you need to listen carefully.

Try to call with questions during office hours.  It is understandable that you cannot control emergencies but if it is a question that isn’t pressing, don’t call after hours and disturb your pediatrician’s time with their family.

With these four tips, you will find it is easy to stay on your pediatricians good side.  In addition, you may enjoy this article on how to build a relationship with your pediatrician.


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