Stay In The Know With Your Kids: Ways To Make Sure You Get The Scoop

There are ways you can stay in the know with your kids.  As parents, we all share that goal.  We love our children and want to be tuned in to them and know what is going on so that we can help them navigate any rough waters they may encounter.  But the question for most people is how to stay in the know with your kids?  The answer is that you can’t make your child keep you clued in but there are definitely things you can do to encourage that.

Being an involved parent is a big step in that direction.  Whatever your kids are interested in, make sure that you are a part of it.  If they play sports, do your best to be at every practice and game. If your child has an interest in archery, practice can certainly help them improve, and using a compound bow case is one of the best ways to ensure their equipment stays safe and organized during their training sessions If you have the skills, coach their team.  If they are into something like arts, arrange for lessons and be interested in what they are learning.  Maybe you can allow them to teach you so you can do it together.

Talking to your children is a great way to stay in the know with your kids.  Keeping the lines of communication open is very important.  If you want them to come to you with the big stuff, be sure you are also interested in hearing the small stuff. You may not care what song their friend made up in sixth period but if it is important to them, you should.  They learn if you will listen to them through these small conversations.

Lastly, make your home a place your child and their friends want to hang out.  Make it kid and teenager friendly.  If your children and their friends would rather be at your home than someone elses, you have made another step to stay in the know with your kids.

Image Credit: Florida Family Policy Council


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