How Soon Can Your Newborn Baby Go Out in Public?


The rules regarding how long you should wait to take a newborn baby out in public vary greatly. There is no one set of one size fits all rules that apply to this situation. In fact, the rules are different from every doctor for every parent. Some doctors recommend that you wait, some see no issue why you should wait and others have other opinions. For the most part, it’s the fear new parents have. They’re afraid to take a new baby out in public. They’re afraid the baby will catch something from someone and end up sick, maybe they’re even afraid to go out with a new baby at all and would prefer to stay home but need a doctor to tell them to do this so they don’t feel guilty for their decisions; I don’t know. All I know is that with 9-month-old twins who spent almost a week in the neonatal nursery, we were permitted to take our babies out anytime we wanted (like we had a choice with two older kids in school and the need to leave the house). If you are worried about this, however, we do have some advice for you.

Talk to Your Child’s Doctor

If you are concerned, ask the doctor what to do. He or she might tell you to stay home or to do what you want. According to, the decision is really based on several factors, but that your doctor will likely tell you it’s okay to go out.

Your Baby Has Medical Conditions

There are some instances in which babies might have some medical concerns and your doctor will advise you not to take the baby out in public for so many days or weeks. Perhaps it’s excessively cold or your baby had a slight infection. Maybe your baby was a micropreemie and your doctor would rather you are careful; this is why we talk to our doctors.

Avoid Really Public Places

There is – usually – no reason you can’t take your baby out right away (we’ve successfully done it with four of them). However, if you do want to avoid people poking and prodding and passing on their germs, get out for a walk or go to the park. Avoid restaurants, malls and probably church where people are more likely to stop you and get too close for your own comfort for a few weeks until you are more comfortable.

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