Help When You Are A Single Mom With Boys

Being a single mom is hard, under the best of circumstances but when you have boys, you have a completely new worry on your hands.  While both boys and girls need positive male role models in their lives, this seems to be doubly true for a boy.  How can they learn all of the skills they will need as a man if they don’t have someone to show them?  What can you do when you are a single mom with sons to help them be them to be the best man they can be?

First of all, you need to find several positive role models for your son to spend time with.  They can be family members or friends.  If the father is in the picture in a positive way, so much the better.  The more positive role models the better.  Your son may spend time fishing with his dad and doing auto mechanics with his uncle.  The point is that you are helping him to have men in his life to observe and turn to when he needs their input.

Another thing you can do as a single mom to boys is to try to get in their world.  It is not easy or comfortable sometimes to do this but you will reap the rewards.  Get on his level.  If he is interested in baseball, become a baseball fan.  If he is into dirt track racing, accompany him to the races.  The point is you are not letting him fend for himself.   You can meet his needs as a single mom.

Many sons of single moms end up being very close to their mother which is a reward for all of your hard work.

For more help in this area, you may be interested in this article by ivillage, Raising Boys: 10 Tips For Single Moms.


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