Simple Ways to Be Calm With Your Kids


Yelling; it’s a nasty habit for parents to pick up. Unfortunately, kids get out of hand from time to time – with their cute little faces and their crazy behavior – and it’s easy to allow their behavior and the stress of life get to us. Yelling is not productive. It doesn’t help any situation at any time – unless there is a fire or other emergency. Yelling is not a good parenting tool. That means we all have to stop yelling, even with our kids are making us contemplate running away to join the circus. Follow these tips to practice calmer parenting.

Don’t Feel Guilty

There’s one thing you should remember when it comes to parenting and yelling at your kids; you are not alone. Don’t feel guilty when you do yell. Don’t beat yourself up over it because you’re not alone. Other parents yell, too; even the perfect parents you think you see everywhere. Your kids will likely forget a few isolated yelling incidents, so just move on and apologize. Let go of the guilt.

Take a Time Out

Your kids might think you’re crazy, but if you have to walk away from a situation to lock yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes while you regain your composure, do it. If that’s what it takes to prevent yourself from yelling at your kids when their behavior is off the wall, just do it. Don’t speak until you’ve calmed down enough to do it rationally.

Create a Routine

While kids are always going to act out, having a structured daily routine is going to help minimize tantrums. When kids know what to expect each and every day – not that spontaneous behavior isn’t appreciated from time to time – they’re less likely to act out and cause you to want to yell. They like to know what’s coming; let them have that. It’ll make you a better parent.

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