Simple Ways to Alleviate Teething Pain in Babies


Let me start by saying that if I had some sort of magic answer that would allow us all to alleviate the pain our teething babies feel, I would give it to you. But I don’t. I am the mother of four kids (all with teeth, I say with pride) and two of those are 10-month-old twins. What I’ve learned is that all kids teeth differently. Fortunately for me, our oldest and our twins all teeth very well. In fact, our twin son went from 2 teeth to 8 between his 8 and 9 month photos and we didn’t know he was teething at all. Our twin daughter woke up Monday morning with 4 new teeth on the top to give her a grand total of 6 teeth. We had no idea she was teething. Our almost 4-year-old, however, let us know she was teething for weeks. WEEKS. She wasn’t having any of that. We learned very quickly that the best way to alleviate the pain of her teething was to call her grandmother and go out on a date night. Oh, but we’re talking about alleviating the pain the baby is going through; right. Okay, I do have some tips for you. But that comes with a reminder; all kids teethe differently and what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. Additionally, what works for your oldest might not work for your youngest. So just take this advice and pray to God for some relief for the entire family.

Teething Tablets

We love the Hylands teething tablets (and no, there is not a recall on them) from Publix. They worked wonders for our oldest daughter. She’d fuss, we’d give her one, she was fine. They did not work on our second. That made us sad.

Teething Rings

These did seem to work well with our second daughter. She enjoyed chewing on these when she was teething and it worked for her. She found this to be a bit of a relief. Therefore, so did we.

A Pacifier

Some people swear by this. Their kids don’t suck on pacifiers, but they do use them when they teethe and it helps their teething feel better. It’s been said that this is a great way for you to help your kids rid themselves of the pain by having something they can chew on that’s soft. It’s like the nipple of a bottle without being so difficult to chew.

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