Do You Really need to Push your Kid to Be an Early Reader?


Literacy is one of the most important things that kids will learn. Reading is one of the biggest keys to success in life, and you might be surprised just how many children never learn to read and how many adults are going through life without a concept of how to read right now. It’s sad, and it’s difficult to comprehend. Reading is beautiful, fun and informative. It helps kids learn to utilize their imaginations and hone their creativity. It helps them get lost in other worlds that are magical and wonderful and amazing. Reading is going to be one of the biggest factors in their lifetime success, and teaching them to read is so important. But do you need to teach them to be early readers? Should you push a child too young to learn to read? There is much debate about this, and many have conflicting opinions on the subject. Many believe that pushing kids to learn to read quite early is better and others do not.

The simple truth, as explained by teachers and medical professionals, is that all kids learn at a different rate and in a different manner. While you do want to teach your kids how to read, pushing them is a different story. Encouraging a child to love books is your best bet. Read to your child. Let your child ‘read’ to you. Help your child learn to read early if he or she shows an interest in it. Pushing a child to read too early, before he or she is ready, could do more harm than good. The good news is that your children are going to learn to read in school, and that’s when you start pushing. Too early, however, and you could turn your children off from reading and make it into something they no longer enjoy. Don’t push it. Encourage it, read to your kids, give them plenty of books, take them to the library and spend time with them, but don’t push anyone to read any earlier than they are ready to read.

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