Raising A Happy Baby is Easier Than You Think

Every new parent or parent-to-be wants to raise a happy baby: Those gummy smiles and sweet coos are just oh-so worth it. Everyone has come across that one baby that just cries and cries and cries and still cries some more. No one wants that. How, then, does a parent actually go about raising a happy baby? The answer is actually so simple that parents will raise their eyebrows and find themselves wondering why they needed to read up on raising a happy baby.

Answer the Cries

It’s really that easy. All a new parent has to do to raise a happy baby is respond to baby’s crying. Not only is the attention necessary, it’s imperative to let a baby know that her mommy and daddy are there to make sure she’s safe, secure and taken care of. Parents needn’t jump up the second baby starts to cry, but they should respond relatively quickly to ensure that baby is happy.

Pay Attention

Babies love attention. They love the sound of mom and dad’s voice, their smiles and their love. One easy way to raise a happy baby is to simply pay attention to the baby. When she knows mommy and daddy are there for her to smile, love, hold and laugh with, she’s more likely to be a happy baby.

Be Patient

One way to raise a happy baby is simply to remain patient longer than anyone ever thought possible. It’s not always easy, but sometimes being patient is the only way a parent can deal with a situation involving their little one. It can be more than a little challenging to remain calm when baby is screaming in the market or won’t calm down after a diaper change, feeding, temperature check or nap, but being patient and not losing cool can help babies feel secure and happy.


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