You Can Raise A Reader When You Follow These Tips

Being a reader has many advantages for our children.  When your child loves to read, they will typically do better academically than children who do not.  Reading also is an alternative entertainment than watching television or surfing the net for hours on end.  Being a reader opens a whole new world up to your child for them to explore and learn about.  All of us want our children to have a love of reading but what can we do to make sure that they  become a life-long reader?

The first thing that you can do is be a reader yourself.  Children tend to imitate whatever they see their parents doing.  If Mom and Dad’s first choice in entertainment is get lost in a book in their free time then your child will naturally gravitate toward that, too.

Reading to your children is a good way to encourage them to become a reader.  They can learn from a very early age that books are fun and will love the adventures that they can find within the covers of one.  Many parents even read to their babies while mom is expecting, which is not a bad idea.

Convey the idea that books are wonderful and something to be treasured.  Show your child your excitement over books.  Give your children books as gifts so that they learn to associate books as being a valuable possession.

Talk to your children about books.  Don’t just stop at buying them books.  Ask them if they have read the books you purchased yet and how they liked them.  Asked them what their favorite parts were and who their favorite characters were.

Praise their reading.  When you hear your child reading, praise their efforts and tell them how impressed you are by their skill.  Tell them that you are glad when they choose to reach for a book instead of the remote control.

All of these little tips will help you to raise a reader.


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