Protecting Your Kids This Summer

The weather is warming up, the days are longer and that can only mean one thing; it’s almost time for school to let out for the summer. Your kids will be home and hopefully they’ll be outside enjoying the sunshine and all that nature has to offer rather than inside playing mindless video games and surfing the internet. While the kids are outside all summer, your job as their parent is to protect them from the dangers of the sun.


No matter how long your child is outside or how much sun is shining, your kids need sunscreen. Every single day you need to lather them up with at least SPF 15. Keep the sunscreen applied throughout the day, asking them to head back inside every so often for a reapplication. Not only will this help prevent painful sunburns, it will protect their skin from future cancer and ugly wrinkles.

Put on a Hat

Whether they want to wear one or not, make your kids wear hats outside. Their scalps are susceptible to sunburn and it’s preferable to wear a hat than to slather their heads with sunscreen, making their hair greasy and dirty – not good if you have dinner plans and no time for a shower. Your boys will probably be fine in a baseball cap but your girls might want something a little more fashionable. Mine prefers a Hello Kitty floppy hat covered in sequins. If that’s what it takes to protect her skin….


Even your kids little eyes are in danger when they’re out in the sun. Not only is the sun bright, exposure to too much sunlight has been linked to eye issues such as cataracts and other diseases that can affect the eyes. Put your kids in some kid-friendly shades to help protect their vision.


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