Prevent Boredom For Your Kids Over Winter Vacation

If you are like me, you have found that one of the main challenges you face over your kids winter vacation is to prevent boredom from setting in for them.  It is really to be expected.  They have been settled in a good routine and then they are out of school for two weeks for the holidays and boredom sets in.

It isn’t quite as difficult to prevent boredom after the holidays when your kids have all of their new toys and gadgets to play with but the days they have off before the holidays can be very hard to bear.  Let’s talk about some strategies in how to prevent boredom.

It is good to have a plan in place for those days off.  You don’t necessarily have to go somewhere everyday but it is good to have activities planned.  Plan some trips for some of the days and you will find you have much happier children.  But if you have days you want or need to be home, that is okay, too.  Maybe you can let your children help you bake goodies for Christmas or wrap some last minute presents.  The idea is to have things for them to do.

My children have always been happy to watch a movie when they couldn’t think of another activity.  This works especially well around Christmas when there are so many good movie choices to choose from.  If the weather is acceptable, you also might bundle them up to go outside for awhile and play.  Not only will the fresh air do them good but they will probably tire themselves out with their play.  And don’t despair, Mom, they will be back in school and in their regular routines soon.

For another spin on how to prevent boredom and handle boredom in your child, you may enjoy this article by Aha Parenting.

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