Be Prepared For Your Parent Teacher Conference

A parent teacher conference can be a bit unnerving for most of us.  We wonder what the teacher has to say about our child.  Are they progressing as they should be?  Are they keeping up with their school assignments?  In a way, it can seem as if the teacher has the upper hand on us.

The truth is that parent teacher conferences can be very helpful in closing the gaps that you don’t know about during your child’s day.  They can also be insightful on your child’s progress and what you can do to help them be a good student and learn the way they need to.

But it is best to not walk into a parent teacher conference unprepared.  Not only will you feel more confident if you are well equipped for the parent teacher conference but you will also make more progress in working with the teacher.

One way you can be more prepared for the parent teacher conference is to stay in the know with your child.  Ask them what is going on with their day and what their teacher taught on.  Ask who they sat with at lunch or played with at playtime to find out how they are doing socially.  Be careful to be alert for any notices that make come home in your child’s schoolwork as well as noticing what they are excelling or struggling with.  You can also watch the school’s webpage for more information on what is going on in the school.  Some schools even have a page where parents can check their child’s daily progress and grades, which is a wonderful advantage.

Rest assured, though, that the teacher is happy to know your goal is to help your child be their best and will be thankful for your time.  Another great article, Make the Most of Your Teacher Conference by Scholastic, may offer you more insight.


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