How to Prepare Your Child for Potty Training

Potty training: It’s not something parents look forward to, but it sure does beat spending thousands of dollars on diapers every year. When it’s time for your kids to learn to use the potty, you might need to do a little prep work. It’s not something you can just do one morning without all the necessary supplies and a plan. Here are a few ways you can prepare your child for potty training.

Read About It

Kids love to listen to their parents read, so why not get a book about potty training and start the process that way? When you take the time to read to your kids about this process, it’ll get them pumped up and excited to learn to use the potty. There are some great potty training books at your local bookstore and at the library.

Show Them

Before you start potty training your kids, take them to the potty with you. Let them see you in action and show them how it’s done. Let them ask questions and explain what’s happening along the way. They’ll see you and think that it’s going to be really cool to be just like mommy and daddy.

Get the Right Equipment

You might want to let your kids get involved in this. You might let them decide if they want a special potty and let them choose the one they want, or you might let them choose a big potty seat so they can get excited about potty training that way. When you involve them this way, it excites them and makes them look forward to training.

Be Encouraging

Now that it’s time to start potty training, be very positive and encouraging. Ignore messes and dirty diapers by not shaming your kids. Instead, focus all your excitement and energy on your kids when they do use the potty. They’ll learn very quickly that they get no attention when they make a potty mistake in their diaper or pull up, but that they get all kinds of awesome attention when they use the potty correctly. Kids love attention.

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