Pregnant With Twins: Dealing With the Shock of Finding Out

Life has this hilarious way of surprising you with things you didn’t expect and didn’t think you could handle in a million years; like twins! The shock of being informed that your one baby is actually two babies is a big one (especially when you already have two children and you talked long and hard about whether or not three was too many or not and now you’re having four). Being surprised with twins is a blessing; even if it might not seem like anything more than a shock at first. Here are a few tips to help those moms-to-be who have just received (or will receive) the biggest shock of their lives.

It’s Okay to Panic

It’s going to happen. When you’re lying on the table 18 weeks pregnant and hoping for a boy to add to your mixture of two little girls and the tech looks and you and tells you that you’re having twins (a boy and a girl for us, so we did get what we wanted), it’s shocking. Maybe you’ll use a bad word or two. Maybe you’ll question her educated ability to read an ultrasound. Maybe you’ll panic. It’s okay. Take all the time you need and know that most women panic just a little – especially this far into the game when they had no idea.

It’s Okay to Cry

Crying is a natural reaction to many different life circumstances. We cry when we’re happy and we cry when we’re sad. There’s no reason to feel bad about crying when news like this surprises you. Don’t feel bad. It doesn’t mean you love your babies any less; it just means you’re emotions are on the table and you’re working through them.

It Does Get Better

Once the shock passes and your friends and family know, you’ll be surprised how excited you become. You’ll be so surprised how calm you feel and how okay this is. It’s not the scary, terrifying situation you initially think that it is. It’s shocking because it’s not something you expect. What you will realize is that your support system; your husband and your family and friends and your doctors and nurses will help you get through this.

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