Pregnancy Advice You Might Need

The first trimester of pregnancy is pretty tough on a woman. Even if you aren’t sick morning, noon and night, you’re tired. There’s just no getting around how tired women are those first 12 weeks of pregnancy. While the fatigue will go away as you enter your second trimester, there are a few things you should know about pregnancy that might not have occurred to you at this point – even if you’ve been pregnant before (trust me, I’m pregnant with my third and I’m learning new things every single day).

All Pregnancies are Very Different

Here’s the deal; I have two little girls and had two very similar pregnancies. I wasn’t sick, I was tired, I felt good for the most part and I was excited. When I became pregnant with my third (not enough time yet to find out what we are having) I was expecting the same thing. Guess what? It’s not easy entering into a third pregnancy only to find out NOW that all pregnancies are different. I’m sick. Morning, noon and night. I’m beyond fatigued. I’m not feeling good. I can’t shake the bad mood I’m in. It’s just not much fun (though I think if I weren’t so sick all the time I’d feel much better and be in a better mood). So even if you’ve had a good pregnancy in the past, this one might be different. Or if you’ve had a bad experience in the past, this one might be beautiful.

Sickness Doesn’t Go Away At the Strike of 12 Weeks

Many women who experience morning (all day) sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy don’t automatically feel like roses and honey and all things beautiful when they wake up at 12 weeks. Sometimes the sickness just lasts longer. Sometimes it lasts forever. While it’s not fun to think about, it is helpful to know. Try not to get your hopes up too much only to have them dashed. Allow yourself to feel pleasantly surprised when you feel better.

People are Weird

This isn’t something you’ll experience so much in the first trimester of pregnancy, but it is as you get further along. Strangers are particularly strange. They touch you without permission.  They disagree with your ultrasound results (because the ultrasound machine has NO idea what it’s talking about in comparison with the lady checking you out at the grocery store) and sometimes they say hurtful things about how bloated you are or how you look like you’re having a girl because your skin doesn’t look so good or you’re so swollen. Ignore them.


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