Postive Parenting Tips We All Need

There are so many pieces of advice and tips in the world to make parenting easier. We should ignore poor behavior so as not to encourage it. We should not spank our children. We should spank our children. We should put our kids in time out. Time out is pointless. We should yell, we shouldn’t yell. There is no right or wrong way to parent, because every kid is different. However, we can all do something that might make a big difference, and that is positive reinforcement. We often notice all the bad things our kids do, because it annoys us. However, we don’t always notice the good things, and that which is noticed is repeated.

Encourage Good Behavior

When your daughter cleans her room, praise her for it. When she does something right we often don’t say anything to her because good behavior is expected. However, not praising her shows her that we don’t really respect her good behavior, but that she will get attention when she behaves badly. She doesn’t care that it’s bad attention. Kids are like celebrities: Any attention is good attention.

Long-Term Behavior

When you encourage your kid’s good behavior every time they behave well, you are encouraging them to behave well again. If your daughter cleans her room and you say, “Wow, honey! Your room looks amazing! You must be so proud of yourself; I know I’m proud of you! Since you worked so hard to clean your room, why do you pick out what we have for dinner tonight?” That will encourage her to want to do the same thing tomorrow.

Don’t Ignore Bad Behavior

Of course, you cannot ignore bad behavior, but by offering encouragement when a child behaves well, it’s helping them to want to behave well in the future. By giving as little attention as you possibly can to your kids when they misbehave, and as much as possible when they behave well, you are showing them that attention comes to those who do what they are supposed to do.


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