Parenting Advice Great Dads Know is Important

Dads are a really special part of a child’s life. Dads have a special way of parenting that moms – try as they might – just can’t replicate (and moms, before you become offended let me clarify that there are certain things dads just can’t do that moms do, so no hard feelings, okay?). Dads are awesome people and kids really look up to theirs. For that reason, here are three tips just for first time dads who might be a little intimidated by their new role.

Don’t Be Afraid

When it comes to parenting, don’t be afraid. Sure, in times past it was customary for moms to do the bulk of the parenting, but dads have evolved and now they’re just as hands-on as mom (at least in my house, anyway). Don’t be afraid to spend time alone with your baby. This is your child; you have just as much right to him or her as your wife and you’re just as much a parent as she.


Cuddling is not a feminine sport. It’s something that kids need and they need it with their dads just as much as they need it with their moms. Try to spend some time just cuddling with your little one. This might mean doing nothing more than reading a few cute books while your little ones crawl into your lap, or even forgoing a few angry outbursts during the big game when your cutie saddles up to you.

Say it Out Loud

Yes, your kids know you love them. But one thing you just have to do no matter what is tell them that you love them. Tell them in those words. Say it often. Don’t be afraid of honesty and emotion. These children look up to you throughout their life. Be a good example of displaying emotion in a healthy manner. Tell your kids they’re important to you.


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