Parenting: 3 Ways Your Kids are Good at Making You Crazy

Parenting: As I sit here about to begin the second trimester of my third pregnancy with one daughter in kindergarten and another in midst of her terrible twos (which could be SO much worse, I know), morning sickness that lasts all day every single day and what I believe is now a full-blown head cold, I have had an epiphany; I must be crazy. No, scratch that. I am crazy. All parents are crazy. Maybe not all the time and maybe not as crazy as others, but we’re all crazy. Why?

Because we chose to do this; we chose to bring little people into the world who we love so much it hurts and find so irritating at times we have to loudly remind ourselves that we chose this (and this too shall pass). Kids are just….little crazy inducers. They know exactly what to say and do (or not say and do) to make us crazy. And it’s our own faults. Here are three ways our kids make us crazy.

They Make Us Wish They Were Anywhere Else, and Then We Miss Them When They Are

Kids have this magical little way of making us wish that they were at grandma and grandpa’s for a sleepover at least a dozen times a day. When they are at grandma and grandpa’s, however, we miss them like crazy. We sit around with our husbands, maybe go on a date or drink our morning coffee on the porch with nothing but peace and quiet to enjoy and wish that our kids were there. How do they do this to us?

They Know Exactly When to Stop Listening

If your kids are like mine, they behave like angels 99 percent of my life, and wait until that one morning when we oversleep, I’m sick, we’re late, I have appointments and we cannot be late for anything to decide now is the morning they’re over being good. Suddenly they can’t stand each other, they can’t stand me, they hate their favorite breakfast, they don’t want the other even looking at them….they do this every single time we haven’t a free moment and mommy is already a disaster.

They Forget Things at the Most Inopportune Moments

Ever noticed how your kids suddenly forget how to do everything at the same time? Usually when you’re sick or late? They suddenly cannot dress themselves or remember where their shoes go or remember how to buckle themselves up in the car…it’s enough to make you crazy. They’re awesome little people that I know no one would change for the world…but boy do they know how to make us crazy.


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