Oh, The Moms You’ll Meet in Your Lives

When you become a mom, you can’t help but notice how many other moms there are. When you start taking your kids to school, classes, groups, and play dates, you might even realize that not all moms are completely awesome. The kind of mom you think it great might not be the kind of mom everyone thinks is great, and vice versa. Here is a rundown on the most common types of moms you are going to meet now that you have kids. Once you know what to expect, you can work on how you want to handle them.

The TMI Mom

As a mom, there’s a definite case of TMI in every mom. However, if you know that her husband has low sperm count, how tilted her uterus is, and how one nipple is bigger than the other – and you’ve never seen any of them – she’s got a little bit of a TMI problem.

The I Know It All Mom

She’s my least favorite (mostly because I know she can’t know it all when I already know it all…). The know it all mom has major issues with telling you all that you’re doing wrong and making you feel guilty about everything. She knows how to cure diaper rash, she can lull a crying newborn to sleep for eight hours from the bathroom closet, and she probably knows how to cure cancer (if you ask her…and we all know you should never ask her).

The My Life is Awful Mom

No matter how good she’s got it, she’s always complaining about something. Nothing makes her happy. She’s a whiny, complaining, annoying woman who makes you want to run the opposite direction when you see her. Actually, you should just run the opposite direction when you see her.

The Perfect Mom

Apparently, I’m guilty of this one – though I’d like to point out that I do not think I’m perfect in any way, shape, or form. I think the problem for me is that I simply don’t complain about my kids or husband (there’s really not much to complain about in the first place, plus I had two miscarriages before baby number two arrived and it just seems like I don’t have much to complain about now that I have two healthy little girls) very often. Frankly, my husband doesn’t do anything really annoying, other than not follow my directions when we’re in the car (annoying, yes). I don’t complain about my kids because they’re pretty good, but I also don’t complain about them because I don’t feel like I have anything worthy of complaining about. However, the really perfect mom will make a point of telling you how great her kids are. They never do anything wrong (mine do) and they are ahead of the game (my oldest was, my second is taking her sweet time with everything). She’s annoying, but she’s harmless.


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