No One Cares About Your Kid’s First Day Of School


OK strangers and friends on Facebook.  I get it.  It’s back to school time!  I only know this because over 75% of my feed is plastered with your children posing on their first days of school.   FYI, I don’t care.  FYI, no one cares.   The only people who really care about your children going back to school are you guys.   I can honestly say even your best friends have zero care in the world that your child is wearing designer jeans and posing with a backpack for your amusement.

You’re posting these pictures for yourselves and validation of the lives you lead.   You’re not posting these pictures because you’re amazingly proud of your kids. You’re posting these pictures because you want everyone else in your Facebook universe to “like” them and to comment on them.   After all, that’s about 99% of what Facebook is now anyway isn’t it?  It’s a forum for posting pictures and rants about your own lives to validate them.  To make you feel special.  To make you feel loved.  The reality is that Facebook was designed to be a place to connect with friends and family.   But it’s really just a place to justify your place in the world.  Do us all a favor.  Please, do not drag your kids into it.

Instead of telling your child to pose so that the light sets in to make sure that you get the ultimate Facebook sharing opportunity, you might want to go give them a hug, encouragement, and wish them luck as they venture off to school.  Instead, you’re wasting time by being less personal and using your child for popularity.  Here’s the funny thing.  I don’t think any of you are bad parents.  In fact, I think most of you are pretty good ones.  After all, many of you out there are my Facebook friends too.

I just think your heads are in the wrong place.  Sure I care about my own child.  I care about my nieces and nephews and how their school lives are going.  But you guys?  Even my closest friends?  I don’t even remotely care what your child is wearing or that they went to school this week.  Someone had to say it.


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