New Moms Need More Than Just Baby Gifts

New moms have a lot going on. Being pregnant for 40 weeks, not sleeping well most of those weeks, carrying around a second person 24 hours a day, and then giving birth can have a pretty big impact on a woman. She might not feel up to par immediately after becoming a new mom, whether she just gave birth to her first or her third. Being a new mom is wonderful, but it’s exhausting. If you have a friend with a new baby, here are a few really great things you can do to show her you care.

Offer to Babysit

There might not be a need for a new mom to need a sitter after giving birth, but if she has older children or her baby is a few weeks old and she’s in desperate need of a haircut or something else, offer to watch the kids for her. Offer to watch her older children in the early days so she can have some time at home with her new baby, or offer to watch the new baby so she can run an important errand or just grab a nap.

Bring the Spa to Her

New moms do a lot of sitting. They sit with the baby, to feed the baby, and just to relax. It would really make her day to have you bring the spa to her. Bring over some nail polish and offer to do her hands or feet, bring that great new facial cream you found, or just offer to straighten her hair for her. Sometimes the sheer feeling of being pampered is all a woman needs to feel good.

Do Some Chores

If your friend is a new mom and you want to do something to help her out, try doing a few of her chores for her. Pick up her dry cleaning, run to the supermarket, or unload her dishwasher. Any little thing you do that eases her level of stress is much appreciated.


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