Get Your Toddler To Take A Nap Without The Naptime Battles

Naptime battles are something that most parents deal with from time to time with their toddler.  The issue is really very simple.  Your toddler has this big, wide, fascinating world that they want to explore and taking a nap simply ruins their fun.

One way to avoid naptime battles is to set a consistent routine of having naptime.  If your toddler knows that naptime is a part of every day, it will cut down on the naptime battles.  There is no surprise when naptime comes because it is a part of every day.

Another way to avoid naptime battles is to make naptime as enticing as possible.  Take time to sing a lullaby to your toddler or read a story before naptime.  A nice routine that is comforting will help your toddler to do better at dealing with naptime without a fight.  Make sure that your toddler has some comfort items close by to help them soothe themselves to sleep after your songs or stories.

Make sure that your toddler is going to bed at a good hour at night and getting up at a decent hour in the morning.  It is impossible to expect your toddler to nap if they haven’t been awake very long.  Try to have a good schedule in place so that waking time, naptime and bedtime are all at the same time each day.  A good time for a toddler’s nap is after lunch when their tummy is full and they are naturally drowsy.

Make sure that your child has enough time to become tired before naptime.  An engaging morning with a play date or errands with Mom can make them tired enough for a nap.

For more information on how to help your toddler get the best nap, this article on the subject can offer you more help.


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