Mother Possibly Paralyzed After Saving Son’s Life


With Mother’s Day fresh on everyone’s mind after a weekend of celebrating, it seems only appropriate to send a very special Mother’s Day wish to a young mom whose quick thinking and bravery saved the life of her 18-month-old son as well as her own life. When 23-year-old Christina Simoes realized that her Haverhill apartment was on fire, it was too late for her to get out with her son.

The third floor apartment was engulfed in flames, leaving the young mother and her toddler son only one way out – through the window. After grabbing her son, kissing him and telling him she loves him, Simoes made the decision to jump from the window while holding her son in her arms. Fortunately, the young mother and her son survived the jump.

After a six-hour surgery, Simoes was placed in recovery. From her place in bed, she told reporters that she’s not feeling well, but that she’s alive. She describes losing feeling in both legs after landing on the ground below her apartment, using only her arms to drag herself and her son to safety and away from the debris falling from the burning building. Doctors are not sure yet whether or not the young mother will ever walk again. The extent of her injuries is as yet unknown, and whether or not her nerve damage is permanent remains to be seen.

Simoes was not with her uninjured son during the first day she was in the hospital, but she was reunited with him in her hospital room the day following the fire. Simoes boyfriend told reporters that this is the longest Simoes and her son have ever been apart. Despite her injuries, Simoes is just happy her son is okay and that he’s able to play and enjoy himself as he always has.

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)


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