Mom Truth: It’s Okay to Feel These Things On Occasion

Being a stay-at-home mom is hard work. Being a work-from-home mom is even harder work. Don’t get me wrong; it’s beyond rewarding and it’s not something that I would ever change about – but it’s not a walk in the park (actually, don’t even get me started on our last walk in the park). There are pros and cons to everything; working, staying home, working while staying home. It’s life. The cycle is never-ending.

You make the decision to have kids and you make the decision to take care of them in XYZ manner and you will always have a moment in which the grass looks greener. It doesn’t usually last long before you remember that you can’t imagine living anyone else’s life than your own because it’s pretty darn great, but it does help to remember that it’s perfectly normal and okay to be overwhelmed and question your sanity.

You’ll Realize the Office Wasn’t that Bad

We spend years working in our careers and maybe dreaming of the day in which we never have to step foot into another office again. Then you have kids and you become a stay-at-home or work-from-home mom and suddenly you realize that there’s something to appreciate about having an office not at home. There’s something to be said about running solo into Starbucks, interacting with adults who don’t use the words “poopy” or “no” in every other sentence. It doesn’t mean you love your new job any less, it just sometimes takes perspective to realize that there are benefits to some things and downfalls to others.

Nap Time is Sacred Time

You don’t nap when the baby naps. Once you have your little one on a schedule, it doesn’t matter what kind of mom you are. You have work to do. You have this many hours to get this much accomplished and find a few minutes to sit down and relax – if possible.

Nothing Compares to this Bond

You might avoid taking them to the grocery store like the plague, find yourself willing them to take more and more naps as they are always one step ahead of you and wishing you could just throw all their toys away so you never have to pick them up again, but at the end of the day, you’re going to feel this bond with your kids that makes you realize that your life is exactly as it should be.

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