Mom Connection Skills Every Mom Needs

Making the decision to become a mom means making a lot of little decisions in the process, one of which is whether or not you want to be the kind of mom who joins mommy and me groups. Be it gymnastics, cheerleading, football, tumble time, music class or just a general play time class, joining a mommy group is a little scary for some moms. Maybe you aren’t sure you’re doing everything right and you’re worried about being judged (it really is a pity that moms judge other moms knowing just how difficult it is to raise a child and care for an entire family) or maybe you aren’t good with people and the idea of socializing with other women is daunting. Whatever the issue, these three tips will help you connect with other moms.

Reach Out

If you’re the new mom in a group, think about how you feel. Do you feel like the new kid at school? What do you wish other moms would do for you? Talk to you? Invite you to play dates? Get to know you? Whatever you find yourself wishing other moms would do for you when you’re new, do for other moms. It helps.

Ask Questions

Don’t just ask the things you find standard, such as where do you live, what do you do, how old are your kids. Ask things that you really want to know, such as what moms do for fun when their kids are napping or they have a free night thanks to Grandma. This helps you bond with them and get to know them on a level that isn’t all about mommyhood.


The key to connecting with anyone is simply listening. When someone is speaking to you, listen to what she has to say, be interested in what she has to say and remember some of the details. You’ll feel instantly closer to someone when you remember something she said a while back and she’ll feel more kindly toward you for taking the time to listen and remember.


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