Little White Lies It’s Okay to Tell Your Kids

Your kids are the light of your life, and you spend your life teaching them to be honest because lying is not appropriate. Of course, lying is inappropriate and they shouldn’t do it. However, the entire time you are telling them to tell the truth you are being hypocritical because you know you are a big, fat liar. Before you get all indignant and say that you don’t lie take Santa Claus, the Tooth fairy, and all those times you check for “Monsters” under your kids beds into consideration. You are a liar, and sometimes, it’s okay to lie to your kids. It’s for their benefit – and your own benefit. There are times when lying to your kids works for everyone.  At least, little white lies are OK.

Disciplinary Actions

Telling your kids that Santa called and he said they’re one more time out away from not getting any gifts this year is a perfectly acceptable lie. It will be years before they realize that Santa never called, but they will likely straighten up in no time, which is the ultimate goal, after all.


Sometimes it takes a good lie to clean a room. For example, the next time your little ones refuse to clean their bedrooms simply state that monsters love dust and toys on the floor so they’ll probably have lots of monsters in their room. Musing out loud if they’re like the nice monsters from the movie Monster’s Inc. or the bad ones from the same movie will get them in gear a little faster.


Mom and dad know everything. Until someone refutes that, keep on lying about it!


Nothing scares mom and dad. Kids’ fears, stress, and anxiety are alleviated by their parents’ lack of fear, which means you put on a brave face and help them relax. I don’t care if a tornado is making its way through your neighborhood; it is your job to make your kids feel secure.


That man has no hair because he didn’t do well in school. Okay, so that’s a stretch, but it gives kids a good dose of motivation to get them studying and it teaches cause and effect.



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