Letting Daddy Parent His Way Is A Good Idea Sometimes

It is probably true that your husband parents differently than you do and even more so when he is left on his own with the kids.  After all, he is the daddy and you are the mommy.  But it turns out that how a daddy parents usually turns out okay in the end.  Yes, they are less likely to pay attention to details like if the child wears a matching outfit or if they wear shoes that are appropriate for an activity.  They may also be a little less stringent on routines and schedules than you are.  They may allow rougher play than you do. But if in the end, you have a happy child and a happy daddy, that is the most important thing.

Letting Daddy parent his way will boost his confidence.  It shows that he can do this parenting thing and do a good job at it.  If you can, try to compliment him on something that he has done while he was in charge of the kids, even if it is just to say that it looks like they had a fun day together.  If he feels confident in his ability to be a good daddy and parent effectively, then you will find he is probably more willing to keep the kids on his own in the future.

There is another, very important advantage to allowing to letting Daddy parent the way he feels is best sometimes.  Your kids will reap many benefits from the time they spend with him and the difference between the two of you.  Mommies and daddies are supposed to be different and kids need both kinds of parenting.  The fun they have when Daddy is in charge more than makes up for the fact that he took them to bank wearing socks that didn’t match their shirt.

Image Credit: Turnback


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