Would You Let Someone Babysit Your Child Over Skype?


Okay, so here is the deal; we are not in any way, shape or form asking you if you would leave the house with your unattended child being occupied on the computer via Skype from Grandma 1000 miles away. What we are asking, however, is whether or not you would allow someone to babysit your child via Skype from God-knows-where while you get things done and accomplished around the house. Perhaps you think that this is not something you have to do to ensure your kids are well taken care of so you can shower or do dishes. Perhaps you think this is something far superior to allowing your kids to watch television or do whatever else while you’re busy around the house; I don’t know how you think. But what I do know is that you have the option and we want to know what you think. Would you let someone babysit your kids on Skype while you are busy in the garden, around the house or in the shower?

I think that it depends. For example, I’d not hesitate to jump in the shower if my 7-year-old was talking to her grandparents via Skype. She talks for hours anyway, so she’d be right where I left her in the middle of telling the same long-winded story when I got out. My 1-year-old twins, however, would be a big, fat no. No way in hell would I allow them to sit on the phone or computer and allow that to be their babysitter. First and first most, they’d hang up or destroy the electronic. Secondly, they’re bored very quickly. It’s not safe.

So I think that the answer depends largely on who is being babysat, who is doing the baby sitting and what you are doing when your kids are in need of said babysitter.

Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images


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