Leaving Your Baby to Spend Time Alone is Important

Leaving your new baby is a big deal. Most parents are too scared to do it or they simply don’t want to do it. That’s fine. No one is asking you to leave your two week old child at home to go on date night. However, as your baby ages, you might realize it’s been a year and you haven’t had a date night or a solo trip to the grocery store since you were pregnant. While many moms refuse to leave their babies, studies show that it’s actually good for both mom and baby to spend a little time apart on occasion.

Time Out Eases Stress

No one is saying you have to book a vacation to get away from your baby, but it’s good for you to get out of the house without the baby for a few hours a week to give yourself time to rejuvenate. No matter how much you love your child, nonstop mommy time is difficult on both of you. Time away, for a massage or a pedicure or just dinner with your girlfriends will make you miss your baby and appreciate your time with him even more when you get home. It eases your stress and anxiety and rejuvenates you enough to reenter your role as mom when you get home.

Time Out Is Good for Marriage

No matter what anyone says, your marriage cannot thrive when you’re with your child 100 percent of the time. You have to make time for yourselves as a couple, especially if you are in the kind of situation in which your child is still sleeping in your room with you – as this means you really have no time alone. Your marriage needs some priority.

Separation Anxiety

Most toddlers experience just a touch of separation anxiety, but if you never leave yours, he or she may suffer from that even longer than is usual. If your child doesn’t learn that when you leave you always come back for him or her, he or she might have an extreme amount of difficulty dealing with separation come time for school, which is not something you want to deal with.


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