Three Reasons You Should Take One Last Vacation Before Baby Comes

If you are a couple that is expecting a child, you should try to take one last vacation before baby comes.  Besides the fact that this is an idea that has the potential for loads of fun for you, there are other reasons to try to squeeze a trip in before baby comes.

Your marriage is getting ready to radically change.  Once your little bundle of joy arrives, you will go from a couple to a family.  While that change brings some of the sweetest emotions that you will ever have and a deepening love for one another, it is a different kind of environment for your marriage to learn to thrive in.  It is good to get away before all of those changes occur and reconnect before baby comes.

This is your last opportunity to get away for a carefree vacation before baby comes.  You can still go away as a twosome after the baby arrives but you will always have to arrange childcare and it will be much more complicated to make happen.

Pregnancy is stressful.  It is one of the most precious times in your lives and one to be treasured but it is also very stressful.  You aren’t always feeling well.  You have a lot of changes happening already and more on the way.  Getting away before baby comes gives the two of you a break from all of that.

It is important to have your health care provider approve any of your travel plans you plan to take before baby comes.  The middle trimester is usually the time that is best for travel.  It is usually when a pregnant woman feels her best and when the risk of complications is the lowest.  If your doctor veto a vacation that is far away, you can still have a vacation close to home.  Think about the possibilities you can try within a couple hours from home.


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