So What Kind of Village Does it Really Take to Raise a Child?


You’ve certainly heard the phrase, “it takes a village to raise a child,” and you might even think you know what it means. Or maybe you have no idea what it means, and you just nod and smile and pretend that you’re down with this mysterious piece of advice. So what does it really mean?  It means something different to everyone. In my house, the village that it takes to raise our children is myself, my husband, our children’s teachers, their grandparents, their aunts and uncles, their friends and many others. There are so many people that shape the lives of my children, and it is to those people that I am eternally grateful. My kids lead full, fulfilling lives. They have been blessed far greater than many can comprehend, and my husband and I work very hard to ensure that their lives are everything that they should be. Our kids get to travel. They get to see the world. They get to participate in sports and clubs. They get to have fun. They get to learn. They have parents and family and friends that love them endlessly, and it’s these people that we really need to help us with our kids.

There are some that do not believe that kids need a village. There are some that believe that kids need their parents only, but this is simply not true. There are so many people in the lives of your kids that will help to shape them. So just what kind of village does it take? Let me tell you; you and your kids are very fortunate to have any of these people in your lives.

Parents (Not just you)

First and foremost, children need parents. They don’t have to be biological. They need parents that love them and want them. These can be adoptive, they can be foster, they can be anyone in the entire world. But the people that raise kids are the most influential in terms of how kids are raised and brought up. Kids need someone who they can call a parent or at least look up to in their lives.


Siblings, while not something that every child has, are a very important role in the village it takes to raise a child. They are a child’s first best friend. They are partners. They are friends. They are enemies. They teach one another so many things about work, relationships, and love. They are so important to those who have them. Not to worry, however, because those without siblings are going to be just fine.


These are the people that think the most highly of children. They are a source of love and affection, attention and undeniable love. These are people who make it easier on parents to care for their kids. They offer breaks. They make it possible for parents to raise their kids, and it’s just so necessary. Grandparents are love and affection personified, and that’s why kids that have their own are so fortunate in every aspect of life.


From preschool to college, these are the people that will challenge your kids. They will teach them. They will teach them more than just what is written in books, too. They will teach them about life. They will teach them about so many things, shaping their minds along the way. These are people that handle your kids for you all day long while also teaching them to be the kind of people that they need to one day become.

Role Models

These can be anyone, and they play a huge role in the way your kids are raised. Being a good role model is a way to really make a difference in the lives of children. Being there for your kids, role models are those who have the most influence and the most say in your kids’ decisions and lives. That’s why it’s important to surround your kids with wonderful people that make amazing role models. Role models who are positive and wonderful to your kids will make a big difference in their lives. They might not see them every day, and you might not even know who their role models are. However, they have them and your kids should look up to these people.


Great friends make great villages. These are the people that become family to your kids. They are those who provide them with their own kids to turn into friends. They are the people that make it possible for everyone to be happy and loved, and for you to have a fulfilling life. Friends make wonderful babysitters and wonderful mentors. They make life more fun and a lot easier not only on you, but also on your kids. This is why you have to choose your friends wisely so that everyone can benefit from what they have to offer.


Again, leaders can be anyone. They can be coaches or teachers or even you. Those who are natural born leaders make for great role models and villages for kids to be raised around. These are people who will teach your kids by example what it is that makes a leader. These are people that will have a positive influence on the lives of your kids, and that is just something you cannot take for granted. Kids should learn to be leaders rather than followers.


This is a controversial one for many, and it pains me to say that. I am a spiritual person, and I love that my kids have learned this from my husband and I and through our church. However, I have come to understand that God does not play a role in the lives of all children. However, he does indirectly play a role in the lives of everyone on the planet, even those kids from families who might not believe. God is the one responsible for those spiritual educators your kids have in their lives, from youth group leaders to ministers to everyone in between.

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