Kids and Sports: The Benefits are Worth It

Signing your kids up for sports and extracurricular activities is a great idea for a number of reasons. While there are always parents who don’t believe that their kids are losing out on anything by not becoming involved in sports or activities they enjoy, parents whose kids are involved in these activities tend to disagree. Here are three benefits kids receive from joining sport teams or joining clubs.


Nothing is more important for kids than socialization. Yes, kids learn to socialize in school but this is different. This is different because in sports or extracurricular activities, kids are learning to socialize with kids outside of a classroom setting. They are learning to socialize in different situations and settings.


Learning the value of teamwork is almost impossible if you don’t work as a team or on a team. When your kid plays sports or joins some other club or team, she learns to pull her weight while expecting others to do the same. This is a valuable lesson she will use throughout life, not just during softball season or football season.


Kids who play sports or join teams learn what it’s like to make a commitment and follow through with that commitment. They learn how important it is to be reliable and accountable for their actions. They also learn that once they start something, it’s important to see it through.


Of course, no sports team or club would be the same without the awesome friendships kids make. Your kids might have plenty of friends at school, but nothing is as great as friends who enjoy the same things. When you sign your kids up for a team or sport, you are giving them the opportunity to meet other kids who enjoy the same activity, providing them with an instant bond.



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