Kid-Free Activities to Make Those Rare Hours Enjoyable

Daddy took the kids to the store or maybe grandma has the kids at her house for a few hours to bake cookies and go to the park. Either way, one thing is true; you are child free for a few hours and you are loving every second of it. Except….what are you supposed to do? You dream of these moments, but now that one has arrived you find yourself feeling stressed. Do you catch up on work that requires concentration you don’t have when the kids are home? Do you exercise without interruption? Do you take a nap, clean the house, run to the store or head outside to catch a little sun and read a good book? Here are three suggestions for you when you are kid-free for a few hours.

Take a Nap

Even if your kids have been sleeping through the night for years, chances are you still haven’t caught up on the sleep you’ve been missing since you were pregnant and your bladder stopped working for longer than 15 minutes at a time. Take a nap; the house is quiet because the kids are gone!

Go On a Date

It doesn’t matter if it’s night or day. Go on a date. Head to the golf course on a Saturday morning with your husband, take a walk, go to breakfast or lunch or dinner or see a movie. Take advantage of a few hours without the kids by going on the kind of date you used to have before dates required a week’s notice.

Read a Book

Curl up on the couch with your favorite book and a cup of coffee or tea. You don’t get much of an opportunity to do this anymore, so take advantage of a few uninterrupted hours to do this without anyone home to interrupt or jump on top of you and accidently spill your drink.


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