Keeping Your Patience When the Kids are Making you Crazy

No one ever said being a parent would be a walk in the park. Being a parent is wonderful, but it’s not without its challenges. What’s a mom (or dad) to do when your little one seems to be one step ahead of you all day long? You tell her to stop throwing legos across the room and while you’re prying them out of her baby sister’s tiny grip she manages to find the mostly empty can of frosting you tossed into the overly full trash can and gets it all over herself, the kitchen, and the cat. It happens to the best of the best, and sometimes it makes a parent want to pull out your hair in frustration – or lock yourself in the bathroom with a glass of wine and your kindle until your husband comes home.

Take a Time Out

No, not for your little one: For you. When your kids are driving you insane and you can feel your patience starting to disappear, take a few minutes to breathe deeply, count to ten or just spend a few minutes inside your head imaging that you aren’t standing in the bathroom looking at the brand-new roll of toilet paper and three shoes sitting inside the (used) toilet but that you are on a deserted beach with a fruity cocktail while the kids are with grandma and you’re alone with your thoughts and the sun. It may not make your kids behave, but it will help you to calm down.

Take Them Outside

If the weather permits, grab their shoes and take them into the backyard. Sometimes their indoor energy makes you crazy, but when they take it outdoors it’s much more bearable. Perhaps that’s because they’re playing in the dirt and not in your shoe closet. While you get a little direct sunlight, which experts point out helps to lift your mood, your kids will wear themselves out and hopefully take longer naps this afternoon.

Ask for Help

Sometimes it’s just time to ask for help. Most of the time you can handle their behavior, but if they’re stressing you out in a major way, just ask for help. Ask the babysitter to come by for an hour so you can talk a peaceful walk around the golf course, or call your mother-in-law and ask her if she will keep the kids for a few hours while you and her darling son have a quiet, relaxing dinner together.


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