Reasons To Institute An Internet Curfew For Your Teenagers

An internet curfew will not make you a popular parent but chances are it is needed as much at your house as it was at mine if you are a parent of teenagers.  Most teenagers live on the internet.  Phones don’t ring with friends calling to chat.  Instead, they ping with texts constantly at all hours of the day and night.

It is not good for teenagers to be online all of the time with no restrictions.  Most teenagers take their phones and other electronic devices to bed with them if there is no internet curfew to prevent them from doing so.  This is not good because most of our teens are not getting the nine hours of sleep they need a night according to The National Sleep Foundation.  They are up late on the internet and when they finally start to drift off, they often get another text.

It is not unheard of for teens to wake up, send a text and remember nothing about it which is not a good thing either.  They may text something that makes no sense or is even inappropriate.

In addition to the other factors, internet addiction is on the rise and teenagers are prime candidates because of their love affair with the internet.  They need restrictions such as an internet curfew in place to protect them from falling victim to this disorder.

The lure of the vastness of the web and all that it offers is enticing to teens and if we are honest, often it is for parents too.  But it is up to us remind our children that there is life beyond the internet and face to face relationships are important, as well.

An internet curfew is an important rule to spend time considering as well as other rules for the internet such as when and where your teen should be using the internet.


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