The Most Important Table Manners Your Children Should Know


Kids are like sponges. If you say it, they absorb it. They want to learn everything they can, be everything they can be and they learn most of what they become by example. As their parents or guardians, they learn most of their example from you. You are the person who teaches them – through your actions – the difference between right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable and even the most basic table manners. And that’s one of the easiest things to teach kids; basic table etiquette. It’s embarrassing when a child misbehaves at the table, but you can ensure that does not happen by being the kind of parent who models and teaches good table manners. We have some of the most important manners your kids must learn right here. Remember; what they learn now is what they will model as adults – and you want them to be as appropriate as possible.

Do not Talk with Food in Your Mouth

It’s the single most important thing your kids will ever learn about mealtime. Do not speak with food in your mouth. If your kids speak with food in their mouth, they will be considered rude and inappropriate. Show them, remind them and model for them that this is not appropriate behavior.

Use a Napkin

Kids aren’t overly worried about dirt and germs and wearing clothes that are not super clean. They’re more concerned with the fact that they have something on their face. Especially little boys, who make it their mission to be as messy and gross as possible. Make sure your little ones know that the napkin is what’s used for wiping mouths and faces – not sleeves and collars.

Do not Reach

If your child would like something from the other side of the table, teach them to ask for it to be passed to them. Do not allow your kids to reach across the table for things. They must ask; it’s so basic and appropriate.

Say Please and Thank You

These are manners that apply to every aspect of life, not just the table. If your kids don’t learn to say please and thank you at the table, you’re not doing your job correctly. They should use their basic manners at all times.

Ask to be Excused

Finally, kids should never just get up from the table when they are finished with their meal. The proper rule of thumb is that they should be taught to ask to be excused, and they should then wait for the answer that an adult has to give before getting up.

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