How to Raise Confident, Kind Children

As a parent, you know that you are a big part of the reason your children will grow up the way that they grow up. Some kids are shy, some are outgoing, and some are kind. Others are mean, some are awful, and others are so bad that no one wants to spend any time with them. Obviously, you don’t want your kids to grow up and turn into awful people. While you may not think you are raising your kids to be anything less than exceptional, you might actually be doing just that. What you do at home plays a huge role in the type of child you raise, which means it’s time to look at your life and make some changes.


Do you spend the bulk of your time telling your kids you’ll do something and then not doing it? It’s perfectly fine to give kids a warning, “If you don’t do this, then I’m going to do this,” but if you don’t follow through, they’ll never learn that there are consequences for their actions or lack thereof. It’s important that you teach kids consistency or they’ll grow up expecting not to have to answer for their behavior.

Harsh Behavior

If you constantly tell your child he or she is bad, or that they should be more like other people, or that they are not the child you wanted, they are going to believe that. Your child’s beliefs mirror your words. If you want to raise strong, confident, happy, successful kids, then you need to make sure they know you think that’s exactly what they are.

Negativity and Disrespect

Your kids will never grow up to be respectful if you are not. If you treat your spouse or anyone else with disrespect, it’s what your kids learn. You need to learn to control your behavior and improve your own life if you want your kids to succeed.


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