How Moms With Daughters Can Help Build Confidence

Having daughters is the biggest blessing of my life, and I imagine that other moms with sweet little girls feel the same way. When it comes to raising little girls you want to make sure you do a job good enough to ensure she is confident, successful and compassionate. It’s easy to model these traits for your daughters to ensure that they have a good example, but here are three easy tips you can implement to help build her confidence in a way that can shape her future.

Back Her Up

All the time, no matter what, back up your daughter. Even if she’s wrong you can back her up by letting her know that you are always on her side, even if you don’t necessarily agree with her. You should be there for her in the good times as well as the bad and never let anything as trivial as an argument or difference of opinion cause you to head to the opposing team.


Your job as her mother is to really listen to her. Not in the head nodding, “mmmhmmm”, distracted because you’re thinking about what to cook for dinner but wanting to appear to be listening kind of way. Really listen to your daughter. Acknowledge her feelings and emotions by listening to her. This shows her that her words are important and that her opinion is valued.

Do Not Condescend

Yes, you remember what it’s like to be a young girl but that doesn’t mean you get to use your years of knowledge and realization to treat her in a condescending manner when you think you have the answers and she’s not listening. You know she’ll get over her first heartbreak and that friends will come and go, but your job is to support her feelings rather than tell her to get over it or to suck it up.


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