Helpful Tips To Organize Your Kids

If our kids came out walking, talking, entertaining themselves, and already potty trained, life would be pretty awesome. Oh wait, they also need to be organized and clean, too; then life would be pretty awesome. Here’s the deal; some kids are clean and organized and some are not. My four-year-old likes things clean, tidy, and in a certain place. My one-year-old…well, she’s one. She likes things all over the floor and as messy as possible. While we can’t make our kids perfectly organized, we can teach them to learn a little organization, which will make our lives that much simpler!

Keepsake Box

If you make a few stops at the store or at a fast food restaurant, your kids likely have a plethora of stickers and little toys that are cheap and annoying. They probably also have five of each. Teach them that they can keep as much of that stuff as they want, but only if it fits in the keepsake box, which is a shoe box size box on a shelf in their rooms. When the box is full it becomes their responsibility to clean it out to make room for new stuff.

Provide Lists

You have an evening schedule and a morning routine, but it’s easier to handle when you have a checklist. While you may not need one, your kids might. Try putting a chart on the bathroom wall that has a little spot for all their morning activities, such as making the bed, brushing their teeth, cleaning up their breakfast plates, and gathering their school supplies. Let them put a sticker in each spot when the activity is finished and they’ll be that much closer to becoming as organized as possible.

One In, One Out

To keep kids organized, we have to limit the number of toys they put all over the place. The new rule is one in, one out. When they are done with a toy, they are required to put it away before they take another out. Make it a game or institute punishment when they don’t do it the right way.


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