Halloween Trick-or-Treat Suggestions for the Whole Family

We have three weeks until Halloween is here and that means it’s time to figure out exactly what we’re going to do on Halloween night. If your city or town is anything like mine, you certainly have your fair share of activities. However, you might wonder how you can make the most of this fun holiday while still keeping your children safe and happy at the same time. Here are three good suggestions for any family.

Trick or Treat in Town

Most every city or town has a public trick or treat event, such as a Trail of Treaters as it’s known where we live. This is an event put on each year by the Chamber of Commerce with help from the local businesses. Each business decorates their building for Halloween each year, gets a few employees to dress up in costume and stands outside their business with a table full of candy and treats so that the families in town can walk up and down the main street of town with their kids to trick or treat. It’s a great, safe alternative for Halloween night.

Trusted Neighborhoods

Unfortunately, we no longer live in a world where going door-to-door on Halloween night is much of an option – or even very safe. However, there’s a pretty good chance that there’s a neighborhood near you that goes all out every Halloween and is famous around town for having a great Halloween each year. It’s probably one of the nicer neighborhoods in town, where the houses are large and close together, the sidewalks are filled with kids and the entire street makes it their mission to make Halloween awesome for the local kids. Helpful hint – this is probably also the neighborhood in which everyone heads at Christmas for the amazing decorations.

Public Places

Many malls and amusement parks and other public places make it a goal to have a safe and reliable trick or treat trail for kids each year. This is a good alternative to darkened streets and overly crowded areas. Your kids might like trick or treating store to store in the mall. They’ll probably get a lot of candy!


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