These are the Greatest Dad Wins Ever


This video is going out to all the dads out there, including myself.   Have you ever had one of those moments where you save one of your kids and it looks like you weren’t even trying?  Like one of those moments that can be deadly for your child but you calmly step into the ring and avert disaster?

I’m talking about a save when your infant is falling.  Or how about catching a ball when it’s about to hit someone in the face?  Or even something as small as opening a jar that won’t open for your daughter who’s in the middle of a reality game show and might lose if you don’t open it.

You know, those kinds of things.  Well it just so happens there’s a video out there that captures some of the best “wins’ that dads have ever had.  And we’re here to share it for you below.   Enjoy!

One for all the dad's out there!!! Marc

Posted by The Virgin Morning Show on Monday, August 24, 2015


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