Great Play Date Ideas for Parents and Small Children

Parenting small children sometimes requires finding outside of the ordinary things to do to keep them entertained. Some days small kids are just in need of something exciting to do or maybe you’re over being cooped up in the house after a few days of inclement weather. Whatever it is, parents can enjoy time with their younger children while still enjoying themselves as well. Parents may also consider building a play area at home and invest in various soft play equipment and toys.

Here are three great date ideas for you and your smallest little ones.

The Zoo

Every child loves the zoo. Whether or not yours is even old enough to converse doesn’t matter. Kids love animals and no matter what age they are, they’re going to get a kick out of seeing the animals up close and personal. Additionally, it’s great fun for parents because it means you get to see their cute reactions and excitement – which is always something magical for a parent.


Who doesn’t love a donut date? Sometimes the kids need to get out of the house pretty early in the morning because they just can’t settle down and relax. When this happens, take them out to the local donut shop and let them pick out their favorite sweet treat. It’ll feel like and exciting moment for them. You can either stay put and enjoy your snack or you can take it to go and head to the park where they can run around and burn off some of that donut energy as they go.

The Dollar Movie

Most movie theaters offer a child’s program a few days a week or month in which you can pay a dollar or so to see a movie that’s not necessarily new, but it’s exciting. It’s a great way to get your toddlers out of the house to have fun without worrying that their behavior might change abruptly and you’ll have wasted what equates to a mortgage payment these days paying full price for a movie.

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