If you Go With Cloth, These are the Best Cloth Diapers Out There


It’s becoming a growing trend to use cloth diapers instead of disposables for some moms who are looking to be a little greener and/or are looking for a less expensive way to diaper their children. Many new moms want to stay home with their children and tend to look at cloth diapering as a way to cut expenses to make this possible, even though the expense is more upfront. If you’re looking for a way to save some money or just make your life a little greener, you might need a little help in choosing the best cloth diapers in a sea of so many choices.

All In One Cloth Diapers

This cloth diaper is preferred by many because it doesn’t need additional covering. The absorbent insert is attached to the waterproof exterior by snaps – though some are just sewn right in. You can purchase them in one-size fits all or by specific size.

Fitted Cloth Diapers

These are designed to look more like regular disposable diapers, though they are not. They’re fitted at the legs and back, which helps to contain messes longer than any of the other cloth diapers. However, they still need to be changed regularly as they’re not as absorbent as regular disposable diapers and can cause more frequent diaper rash.

Prefolded Cloth Diapers

These cloth diapers come with several layers of fabric in the middle of a triangular shaped diaper. You can buy them in smaller sizes, including preemie size, though you will need to additionally purchase either snaps or pins to keep them in place. You will also need covers for these diapers.

Flat Cloth Diapers

These are the ones your grandmother used when your parents were babies. They’re just pieces of cotton shaped as a large square or rectangle. To use these, you will need to purchase covers and snappis, the safer alternative to safety pins for a baby’s bottom.

Contoured Cloth Diapers

These are shaped more like an hourglass so that they fit closer to your baby’s bottom. This is used to help prevent leaks and messes. You can use them with or without snaps to keep them in place. They fit right inside your cloth diaper cover for easy use.

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