How to Get Through The Terrible Twos


Parenting is filled with memorable moments, but perhaps none so memorable as the terrible twos. Most people expect them to arrive at two, but many parents report that the terrible twos seem to start around 18 months and last until their toddlers are three, three-and-a-half. Uh-oh; what’ s a parent to do when it comes to surviving the most challenging aspect of parenthood? Breathe; there are ways to make it better.

Issue Consequences

By now your little one is old enough to understand consequences. If he or she misbehaves, you will do this, that or the other to them as a form of discipline. Make the rules clear and tell your toddler what to expect. If he or she decides to misbehave, enforce the consequence. Don’t offer several reminders or threats that you’re “going to do this or that,” just do it. Your kids will quickly learn that poor behavior has consequences that aren’t all that much fun.

Give Choices

Kids this age want independence in a major way. You can avoid fights, tantrums and poor behavior by letting your child feel he or she gets to make choices. For example, let your little one choose between two preselected outfits each morning before you leave the house. You like them both, so you win no matter which one your kid picks. However, your child feels he or she got to make the decision and it gives them a sense of pride and a feeling of control over his or her own life.

Create a Schedule

Kids function best when they have a routine. When kids know what to expect out of the day, they behave better. This means waking up around the same time, having scheduled meal, snacks and play time. Having a naptime routine, a bath time routine and a bed time routine can help your child feel comfortable and confident in life, which minimizes tantrums and terrible-two behavior.

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